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2018-01-31 09:00:00 CEST

Insider Tips: Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

When in Florida, do as the Floridians do

We are excited. Can you tell? It’s just under one month away to the first Beach Volleyball Major Series event in 2018 – the Fort Lauderdale Major!

We’re packed, we’re ready! We’ve abandoned our long sleeves, scarves and woolen hats in favor of shorts, tank tops and sunglasses (we started frequently the tanning salon in December just in preparation). We want to share our excitement with you guys. We want to showcase all that this gem in the sunshine state has to offer. Since you’ll be there already, (attending the Fort Lauderdale Major what else?) you’ll have the chance to tick a few things off your bucket list, here is a list of eight touristy things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

1. The Everglades

We said touristy right? Well, when in the south of Florida you have to visit the Everglades. Never heard of it? It is a 1.5 million acre wetlands preserve, which also happens to be the third-largest national park in the US and has also been declared an International Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage Site and a Wetland of International Importance – how cool is that? The best way to see the Everglades? Or rather the only way to see the Everglades… Airboat #FTW. Can’t get more Florida than that. Best part: Airboat. Enough said.

Everyone who loves airboats say yeah! Photocredit: everglades.comEveryone who loves airboats say yeah! Photocredit:

2. Visit an Indian Reservation

While you’re visiting the Everglades (see point 1) be sure to check out the Big Cypress Indian Reservation, one of six reservations that belong to the Seminole Tribe. What can you do there? Well, you could visit the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum and learn more about Seminole customs and culture. You could even take part in a few customs such as listening to Indian folklore stories around the campfire courtesy of Billie Swamp Safaris. (Don’t act like you don’t immediately want to drop everything and do that). Best part: Campfire stories – so s’mores!!!

Love love love it!! Photocredit: seminoletribune.orgLove love love it!! Photocredit:

3. See some alligators 

We still haven’t quite left the Everglades – who knew it had so much to offer? Okay well, you’re going to be in Florida (amazing) so you are probably going to come across an alligator because Florida. Let’s just mention that Florida should be more appropriately called Florigator because it’s basically where all alligators live or come from. (Side note: did you know that quite a number of Floridorians have reported seeing Alligators in their backyards? I’ll just let that sink in). So an Alligator tour is a must. Best part: Feel like you’re on the set of a 80s horror flick only sans eye shadow and bad outfits, plus no one dies.

If this doesn’t scare you to death I just don’t know. Photocredit: tamarascharf.comIf this doesn’t scare you to death I just don’t know. Photocredit:

4. See some classics

A fan of classic American-manufactured luxury cars? The Antique Car Museum in Florida boasts one of the largest collections of Packards in the world. Feel like you’re in the Great Gatsby’s car garage. It’s got everything to appease the inner petrol head, history buff inside of you. Best part: Imagine the old car smell.  

Get a load of this bad boy! Photocredit: antiquecarmuseum.netGet a load of this bad boy! Photocredit:

5. Take a walk on the boardwalk

You’ll be surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and of course, when you do something as a tourist, try and do it as stereotypically as possible #Goals.

Sooo, that being said, why not take a stroll on the boardwalk? Or better yet, roller-skate on the boardwalk. There are also many surrounding shops where you could purchase your ‘I (heart) Fort Lauderdale’ crop top and jean shorts. If going too ‘she got that from a movie’ is not your thing, the boardwalk is still amazing, roller-skating is optional, but a gelato is a must. Best part: It’s FREE!

Am I in heaven? Photocredit: 10best.comAm I in heaven? Photocredit:

6. Actually go to the beach

When you go to a place with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, an average yearly temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) – which also happens to be surrounded by a seven-mile long coastline – one would kick oneself if one did not take full advantage of the best thing to see in Fort Lauderdale. Apply your sunblock, put your hat, sunnies and cozzie on and head down to the beach. 

Wow. Just WOW!  Photocredit: Stefan Moertl.Wow. Just WOW! Photocredit: Stefan Moertl.

7. Engage in the beach’s favorite pastime

Beach volleyball of course. The answer is always beach volleyball. Being at the beach and all that wouldn’t be the same without some good old fashion volleying around. Everyone is a sucker for a game of volleyball. But… it would be soooo much cooler if you could watch pros play volleyball. Imagine you could kill two birds with one stone – be at the beach in a different city/country, as well as attend a local event in said different city/country. Well it just so happens I know of such an event happening between February 27 and March 4, 2018, where you can watch pros play beach volleyball. (Disclaimer: this is a completely objective post *wink wink*) The Fort Lauderdale has come around again and everyone can’t wait! It is a must whilst in Fort Lauderdale. Just go and be wowed.

Even the audience is telling you to come on… Photocredit: Martin SteinthalerEven the audience is telling you to come on… Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

8. After the party is the After Party

The Beach Party Night to be exact. Partying in another city/country is a must! Because party. Lucky because I know that there will be some awesome parties taking place after all the beach volleyball matches happening in the day. (Again – this is completely objectively written). Party with the who’s who in beach volleyball. Tick that off your bucket list. Where and when you ask? Stay tuned to for more information. 

 This could be us… taking selfies with Fort Lauderdale Major winners but you haven’t booked our VIP tickets. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler This could be us… taking selfies with Fort Lauderdale Major winners but you haven’t booked our VIP tickets. Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler

This could also be us… book our tickets already! Phtoocredit: Niklas StadlerThis could also be us… book our tickets already! Phtoocredit: Niklas Stadler

More information on booking tickets and securing your place at the #FTLMajor – click here.

For more information on the City of Fort Lauderdale – click here. 

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